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Today's Panel:  Improving Farm Animal Welfare

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Please click the    play button to join the LIVE Panel. 

Tech Support

If you are experiencing any technical difficulty, please ask in the chat above. One of the Niman Ranch team members will be ready to assist you. 

Here are a few considerations to optimize your experience today: 

For the best viewing experience:


  1. Use a browser option such as Chrome, Safari, Firebox, or Microsoft Edge to watch the panel. Note: IE 11 (Internet Explore 11 or lower versions) will not allow you to watch the panel.

  2. Limit the amount of open tabs and browser windows. 

  3. Limit the amount of applications running on your computer.

  4. If you have not restarted your computer in awhile, it's suggested to restart the computer the day of the event.

Full Screen

If you would like to experience the panel today in Full Screen, please hover over the video player. When you hover over you will notice a menu on the bottom of the player appear.  To the right of the player there will be an outlined box. Click the outlined box and you will be in Full Screen. Press ESC to exit Full Screen. 


Volume Control 

You will have two options to control your volume. You have your master computer volume and the video player's volume controls. You can control the volume on the player by hovering over the player to have the menu appear. At the bottom left is a speaker icon and a slider.  The slider allows you to control the volume on the video player. 


Video Quality 

For the best viewing experience the player will automatically select your default. However, if you prefer to change the video player's resolution you will hover over the player for the menu to appear on the bottom of the player. Click the gear icon. When a new menu pops up, press Quality. Another menu will pop up with your Quality options. Select the option you see best fit for yourself. It is recommended you stay with Auto.  

tech suppor

Next Panel

Chef Panel: Restaurant Resilience
Aug 26, 2020, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST
2002 Chevrolet Corvette Cvt008.jpg

Grand Prize:  Vintage 2002 Corvette


Next Generation Foundation

Other prizes include:  Fat Tire Grill Kit, Niman Ranch Bacon for a Year, Butcher Box 3-month Subscription, and more.  View all prizes HERE. 

All proceeds support the Niman Ranch Next Generation Foundation, which provides scholarships to young farmers and future sustainable agriculture leaders.

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